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Perl script to check if the QID from the list of eight thousand QIDs are on the detected hosts

Question asked by Piotr Kaminski on Oct 29, 2014
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I need to wrote a script in Perl to checking if QID is existing on the hosts. I have a list of 8000 QID and need simple information witch QID from that list are on detected hosts. I don’t want the list of all hosts what contain those QID because it is around 2 GB of data . List of QIDs are changing every week. I need simple list like that






1. 9090

2. 120202

3. 12312


8000. 23290



QID | exist


1. 9090 | yes

2. 120202 | no

3. 12312 | yes


8000. 23290| no



I was trying to do that  in that way:


curl -Y 5 -y 300 -s -H
"X-Requested-With: Curl" -o
"/test/id.xml" -u
"" -d



What is working but very slow when QID was not detected it took 3 minutes to finish search . 8000 qid x 3 minutes it will take more then week to finish script.


I can run many queries at once, but maybe there is some another simple way to do that ?