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Scan exceeded time limit - WAS report not showing the results

Question asked by Danny Jansen on Oct 14, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 15, 2014 by Axel

Hey folks,


Today we had our first scan that exceeded the 5 hour time limit and the scan results did not show up in the Web Application summary.


Our application downloads a Web Application report to review the found vulnerabilities, but since the scan results did not show up in the web application overview it came up blank. Is there any way to manually import the scan results into the web application report and a way to ensure that in case this happens again the results will still show up in the web application?


Just some information regarding the scan:

Crawl Time: 00:17:04

Assessment Time: 04:43:08

Links collected: 7518

Links crawled: 1000

Requests performed: 199308


Thanks in advance.