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Automated Grouping/Tagging without scan

Question asked by Abhijit Shrawagi on Aug 19, 2014


Need to do automatic grouping/tagging, Below is the scenario:

We have 75+ network ranges, with variation of /24, /19, /18, /16 etc. which is combination of Servers, Desktops, IP Phones, NW Devices with more than 1 Lac IP's.

These network ranges belongs to more than 5 domains. We created Asset Groups for these network ranges and already have the map scan results for all these network ranges.


1. We required to Group or Tag assets based on Teams/Departments (again Team/Department IP's are not in the same network ranges and domains)

2. We required to Group or Tag assets based on OS under the Teams/Departments.

3. We required to Group or Tag assets which are Desktops/ NW Devices/ IP Phones


Is there way other than manual work to achieve this ? Also, withot doing Light weight scan (1st Scan) ?, As this is big network and will consume lot of time in completing the scan. Or it is necessary to run the Light weight scan first for Automatic Tagging in this scenario ?



Abhijit S.