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Attr not found in control 1073

Question asked by Todd Luther on Aug 19, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 26, 2015 by Tim White

Ok, I dont consider myself an amateur in Policy Compliance but I am trying to figure out why or how a particular control failure is coming back with "Actual Evidence = Attr not found".


Scenario - Windows 2003 server....

ACTUAL settings =

min password expiry 0   maximum 60 


The following List String value(s) X indicate the current local user accounts with Password Never Expires parameter set.

Expected intersect regular expression list






(plus a few others that are internal)


for most of my servers I get a pass however for many others I am getting


min = 0

max = 90

BUT and here is the kicker....


for about 200 I am getting


Attr not found


I need some help as to why I am getting the "Attr not found", and how to get around it when these servers are passing everything else.