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BrowserCheck Business edition (install using MSI)

Question asked by Stephen Wilkey on Aug 15, 2014

I'm using the MSI to install browsercheck business edition.  A few weeks ago I experienced a problem where it was partially reporting to the dashboard and I waited a couple of weeks before following up as I wanted to see what would happen in terms of scanning - maybe it was just not finished doing the initial scan or something and after it started the daily scans it would give a proper result.  It didn't, but I saw in another post here that this should now be fixed and was a bug.


But now I'm not getting any results reporting to the dashboard after doing installs.BrowserCheck Business Edition scans not reporting back to dashboard - this tells me it is fixed, but it isn't working for me.  BrowserCheck Business Edition MSI Installer - this tells me that it should be installing plugins/extensions to do the scan.  Chrome, my default browser, is not getting any extension installed - I've even tried closing Chrome before doing the install just to be certain that it isn't being stopped.  IE is getting an extension installed, but that doesn't do a lot of good since my understanding is that the scan only runs when you open your browser, and I never open IE because my default browser is Chrome.  Firefox is also not getting any extension or plugin installed.  How can we fix this problem?


In the dashboard I've told it to scan all browsers, not just the one I'm using.  Does it do this by installing a plugin in each and scanning it only when you open each browser or does it scan it using the plugin in whichever browser you actually are using?


When you do the initial installation using the MSI file, does it matter if your browser is open?  When will it do the first scan - immediately/when you next close and reopen your browser/at a random time in the future?


Thanks for your help.