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Asset Groups - is less more?

Question asked by void on Jul 2, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 3, 2014 by jnelson

I've recently taken over administration of our Qualys implementation and was looking at cleaning up some of the previously created asset groups as they seem sort of all over the place.  However, Im going back and forth between what the best approach is to managing the asset groups.  During a discussion with my Qualys rep, it was recommended to have less asset groups and manage identification of items via tags which makes sense but Im still thinking managing things in asset groups as useful.  Just looking to the community to see what you've found to be the most useful.


Right now Im thinking that I keep the asset groups confined to specific networks (e.g. DMZ, INTERNAL USER NETWORK, PROTECTED NETWORKS, etc).  Specific higher value assets I can also create specific groups for (maybe something like domain controllers?) but I dont want to get too ridiculously granular where Im back with tons of different asset groups.


Just looking for any guidance Thanks!