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Scheduled MAP Reports ? (GUI or Via API  and report in CSV format)

Question asked by vvdesh on Jun 18, 2014
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Hi Qualys team and Forum,



Greetings !!


I want to know if there is an easy automated way to download MAP Data from GUI or API ?


I have lots of MAP Jobs. Here is how it is done.


1.) "Run Scheduled MAP on different AG's as per the project requirement"

2.) Download the MAP data from GUI manually in CSV format



Problem: Tedious Manual Job.



GOAL: To Achieve 100% automation Via API or Scheduled MAP report to get the data in consistent  CSV or consistent XML format.



What I have done till now ?


1.) from the API I can download  MAP report in XML files.


curl -k "{map/MAPID}" -u Username:Password  >> files.xml


Then using the EXCEL XML import button Can import XML into EXCEL and save as CSV.




There is lots of difference between XML download from GUI and XML downloaded Via the API. Fields are missing  example "LIVE" field.



What is Needed ?


1.) Scheduled MAP report from GUI and data sent over EMAIL




2.) API  to have XML pulled  and it must be the Same data like we pull from GUI.


curl -k "{map/MAPID}" -u Username:password  >> files.xml



3.) API to pull MAP data in CSV format ( again Data must be same like we pull the data from GUI).


Any and all help ideas are welcome to help me from this manual task.



Thanks in Advance.




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