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dynamic searchlist creation

Question asked by mcalvi on May 14, 2014
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Does anyone know if this is possible?  Per the API docs, it appears it is not.  Our use case is that we are attempting to identify patches which we have rolled that are not being applied.  I  We have integrated our patching solution with qualys so that when they send groups of patches, the last action is to kick off a scan from qualys to the asset which was just patched.  Ideally when our OS teams slam a set of patches to an endpoint they all apply but in windows environments that is not always the case.


We are attempting to find a way to create/update a searchlist with the patches which have been deployed so that when we report on the patches which have not been deployed, but should have, we dont have to update the S/L every month/quarter/etc but can let our automation do it.