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Qualys VM and CA Service Desk Integration (Anyone interested?)

Question asked by mark alvarez on Apr 10, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 8, 2014 by mark alvarez

I was wondering how many out there with the same setup as ours. I've written an interactive or automated script that fetches vulnerability scan results and can convert each into a Service Desk Request ticket to be consumed by CA Service Desk Manager application without much effort. I decided to write this tool because our service desk application does not accept ticket submission via SMTP if I were to use Qualys TNE.


We have different sites that we are scanning on a weekly basis and the script fetches this scan results regularly and can be made to generate spreadsheet reports of vulnerabilities to be send to our SOC or every regional POC. With just a few keyboard enters, it makes a lot easier to assign the tickets to different support groups in order to initiate the vulnerability remediation process, useful for PCI compliance.



Qualys CA Service Desk Integration.jpg


Everytime the script is run, a spreadsheet similar to the one below is created. The script keeps track of all the tickets created including their status, assignee group, age etc. and calculates some statistics regarding the breakdown per impact for the past 4 weeks. Emergency here are those vulnerabilities with known available exploits..

vuln report scrshot.jpg



Let me know if you are interested, as I'm planning to release the code in github someday..