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Some questions to ask

Question asked by NatsuDoraguniru on Apr 10, 2014
Latest reply on May 6, 2014 by NatsuDoraguniru

Hey guys,


I've a few questions bat at first I'm sorry if my english isn't good enough ... it's only normal school english from germany .


Well, well ... my first question will be about the newest browsers because they aren't listed up (e. g. FireFox 28/Win8.1).

Can it be, that this missing "line" caused by missconfigured chipser suite on my server ( or is this entry missin actually?


My second questtion is, how to get my server ( and another server ( to grade A as minimal?


Both servers are running linux wheezy with all updates (webserver, mysql, openssl, and so far).


Hopeing to get some nice help to get both servers as safe as they can actually be (both also have fail2ban, logwatch and ip-tables script running, but spamassassin doesn't want to work, how ever but doesn't knnow why - mailservers are postfix/courier. In addition: Both are configured as webservers under useing froxlor.


Well, nothing to ask at this time as above, hopeing to get some help or some feedback.


Thanks to all up coming help .