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API output changed to purely base64?

Question asked by Kami on Apr 7, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 11, 2014 by Kami

Hi there,


I generate/download XML reports via the API. It seems that since recently, I no longer get XML back, but instead I get the XML back encoded as base64. This seems to be the case for older reports as well, that were previously XML.


When I download the same reports (same ID) through the web interface it does correctly work, but not through the API:


Request: curl -u "user:password" ""

Response: Base64 encoded XML report.


Expected response: Non-base64 encoded XML report. According to (page 167) it should give me XML directly, not base64.


As a sidenote, it seems that this issue is still present as well (having to manually add padding and replace '-' to '+' and '_' to '/'). I can work around that, but could you give me an update on that for a fix?


Thanks in advance,