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API Firewall Rules

Question asked by greensubmarine on Mar 11, 2014
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I am using a script to pull information from the qualys API, recently I moved this script to a server, the environment has strict firewall egress rules in place so we opened up port 443 access to (, the script is still failing on http.send, when I netstat I find an established connection to but also a port 80 call which is stuck in syn sent, to another IP address owned by Akamai.  I see the same port 80 call if I access the qualys api on my machine although the IP address is not the same, it is in the same block.  It is definitely related to the API call as I have timed it and it appears very shortly after the established connection to


I couldn't see the entry in Fiddler for this call, I'm just wondering what egress rules need to be in place for API access, it seems access to the qualys ip is not enough.