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Authentication failures while scanning

Question asked by Israel on Feb 21, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 21, 2014 by urbanindy

Hello All,

I have a number of hosts failing authentication. I have set up my authentication record to use the key authentication only. I have also created the scan account and followed all steps according to Trusted Scanning for Unix"
I also tested the scan account via ssh using the key in file extension .ppk and was able to login successfully without password.  I have added more host to my asset group and confirm remote login via ssh to be successful.

When I launch a scan against this asset group authentication still fails for the newly added host.

In order to confirm that my authencation record is applied when running a scan, I changed the record to a password but the result remains the same ie ( All host that were previously successful remain successful and host that failed authentication still failed) So it seems qualys is not refreshing or getting updated , because nothing changed even when I used a wrong password, all results remain the same. I have raised a case with qualys but am not getting results.


Has anyone experienced this issue before ? Can anyone advice on what to do next?