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Map action ends in "scan error"

Question asked by Jerbo on Feb 11, 2014
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We like to use our second scan appliance. It is connected and up to date.

however when i try to make a topomap of the netwrok behind the LAN-IF i get a " scan error" No clue what so ever.


i've got the following setup


a scan appliance with a static adres on the WAN-IF to let the applicane communicate through a proxy -> it is communiating.

Def gw is on the WAN-IF  (because proxy is in other network, dns is in thirth network)


On the LAN-IF i have also a static adres, No GW, No DNS

When i try to scan the network on the LAN-IF, i get an "scan error".

No explanation what went wrong


Does anybody have a clue how to solve this problem ?


with regards