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Question asked by Martin Fischer on Jan 29, 2014
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Please check SSL server test for

SSL Report: (

Assessed on:  Wed Jan 29 15:57:51 UTC 2014 | HIDDEN | Clear cache

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Assessment failed: No secure protocols supported

Common Error Messages

  • Connect timed out - server did not respond to our connection request, sometimes before we are dynamically blocked when our tests are detected
  • No route to host - unable to reach the server
  • Unable to connect to server - failed to connect to the server
  • Connection reset - we got disconnected from the server
  • Unrecognized SSL message, plaintext connection? - the server responded with plain-text HTTP on HTTPS port
  • no more data allowed for version 1 certificate - the certificate is invalid; it is declared as version 1, but uses extensions, which were introduced in version 3. Browsers might ignore this problem, but our parser is strict and refuses to proceed
  • Received fatal alert: handshake_failure - this is either a faulty SSL server or some other server listening on port 443; if the SSL version of the web site works in your browser, please report this issue to us

SSL Report v1.7.8



My browser is accepting ssl connection showing Thawte cert installed using TLS 1.0 with AES_256_CBC. Please check on your side why assesment failed. Thank you for your attention. BR Martin