Feature request: SSL Server Test: Handshake Simulation: Yandex crawler

Discussion created by iljau on Jan 27, 2014
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After I discovered, that DuckDuckGo uses Yandex as one of it's sources I thought it would a good idea to have my site indexed by it as well.

Following some version of "SSL/TLS Deployment Best Practices" I disabled SSLv3. And Yandex webmaster tools gave me timeout errors.


Using somewhat clever search ..:


.. yielded following result:

This connection uses SSLv3 with DES-CBC3-SHA and a 168 Bit key for encryption.


And SSLv3 with TLS_RSA_WITH_RC4_128_SHA also appears to be supported.


It would be great if more information about Yandex crawler capabilities would be added to "SSL Server Test" "Handshake Simulation" section.


And I just have to say that this "Handshake Simulation" is absolutely amazing resource for figuring out what ciphers/protocols one should use.