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CRL error in ssl report for my site. any tips?

Question asked by ura_soul on Jan 15, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 16, 2014 by ura_soul


thanks for sharing the useful service for sll certificate testing.


i ran the process for my site - results are here:


i have been finding that the https connection is very slow on my site (sometimes 6 seconds or longer) ..

although sometimes the connection is quite fast. so far i have not discovered why there is such wild difference in connection times.


i saw in the report that CRL error is listed against the intermediate certificate and i saw in another discussion thread somewhere that i may not need to use an intermediate certificate at all for startssl.. is that correct?


i have found these 2 pages to be helpful in comprehending other causes as to why the connection is slow:


i have not yet gone as far as to rebuild the server with these tweaks included.


any tips and advice greatly appreciated.