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Product feedback needed - How could QualysGuard integrate better with VMware?

Discussion created by Chris Sears on Jan 15, 2014
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Greetings All,


I recently joined Qualys as a Product Manager for cloud and virtualization solutions. One of our key product initiatives for this year is to introduce additional integrations for VMware environments. We're kicking off a new round of requirements gathering now and I wanted to reach out to the community for input.


I'm interested in any and all VMware-related feedback, but one area of particular and early focus for us will be developing a connector that can automatically pull asset information from vCenter into the QualysGuard Asset Management and Vulnerability Management modules. The kinds of questions I'm hoping to answer include:


  • What is your current workflow for provisioning new virtual machines?
  • Would you want new virtual machines added to QualysGuard right after being created? Or based on other criteria?
  • Should both ESX(i) hosts and virtual machines be automatically discovered as QG assets?
  • Do virtual machines in your environment use static IPs? Or dynamic IPs assigned from DHCP or IP Pools?
  • What virtual machine and host metadata attributes should we capture to help organize these assets once in QG?
  • Are you using vShield Manager, vCloud Director or any components of the vSphere / vCloud suites that might impact asset discovery?
  • If a virtual machine is stopped or deleted in vCenter, what action should we take with the QG corresponding asset?
  • Are there new VMware-specific reports, vulnerability checks or compliance controls you would like to see added?


If you have thoughts on any of the above, please feel free to reply here or get in touch directly (csears at qualys dot com). I'll also be available at the RSA Conference in San Fransicso next month and would love to talk in person to get your feedback.


Warm Regards,


- Chris Sears