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QID 38229 Service Stopped Responding - How to Fix?

Question asked by lmx on Oct 31, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 26, 2013 by lmx

We have a very complex system of several windows 2008 R2 servers that have several open ports, protocols, services.  On a few of these ports I get 38229 during a PCI scan.  These vms are not IDSs.  I have tried setting the performance settings to low and still get the QID.  The systems are internal and the latest vm that I am investigating does not have AV but still gets the QID.  I should say that the report says there were several good connections followed by 3 failures.  (By successful connection, I believe Qualys means that there was a SYN SYNACK, but the scanner does not do an ACK to complete the connection)


It comes up as a PCI FAIL, but support says that it really means it was an incomplete test.  So what is a complete test? X successful connections?  Or does it keep trying to connect until the rest of the scan is done?  Has anyone else encountered this?  What is the fix?  Thanks.