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SSL certificate extra download works in browsers but no in other non-browser clients

Question asked by avnbs on Oct 25, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 19, 2015 by Jan Zak



I am accessing  a website that has Verisign EV certificate. ( I can't provide the link at the moment ).  Accessing it via browsers Firefox, Safari and Chrome works fine.  I do see the certificate, intermediate certificate and Root certificate.


When accessing it in  non browser clients, openssl, curl, wget, jdk1.6 SSL Handshake fails because of missing certificate. Server sends back only one certificate and not the intermediate and root certificates.


SSL Lab tools reported an issue with the certificate chain and that it required an extra download to get the intermediate certificate.


I gather that it is an issue with issue with the certificate chain but why would it work on the browsers and SSL lab tools which knows to initiate extra download? How can I enable the clients to do the same.