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Difference in Option Profiles?

Question asked by Quinn Sebesta on Oct 16, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 17, 2013 by Eric Brinkley

Hello:  here is a quick question that needs a non-technical answer:


What’s the difference between a vulnerability scan and an authentication scan scan?  Other than it’s using a different option profile? – in short: what are contrasting features of the two types of scans and the vulnerability profile composition?  I have it written up this way: (see below)  and if I'm wrong please let me know: 


Authentication is performed only when enabled in the option profile applied to the scan task. You may enable one or more authentication
types in the same option profile. All existing authentication records are applied to the scan

By performing an authentication scan it verify authentication was successful for hosts that you've scanned. Your scan results will tell you which hosts passed and failed authentication. You can also create a scan report with authentication details.       


The vulnerability scan takes the information from the authentication scan and Vulnerability analyzes the security of your network   


I'm supposed to document this and have no clue how to write it up..

Thanks in advance to any community members that can help me out!

Quinn Sebesta

NE Department of Banking and Finance.