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Scanning DHCP configured hosts by name

Question asked by Rod Andrade on Sep 26, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 3, 2013 by atanai

Hello All


I´m having trouble obtaining dependable results when scanning INTERNALLY by name.


When scanning by name Qualys says host is scanned but returns ZERO vulns and when I scan the host´s IP address Qualys returns the vulns.


I have 267 hosts which are guaranteed to be live on the network. However I tried mapping by name (both NetBIOS and DNS) and I only get 130 hosts "alive".


I had our account manager enable scanning by name on our account (Does anyone know why this is not enabled by default? It seems like a very basic feature to not have it enabled).


The scanner has 2 DNS servers configured as well as 2 WINS servers configured.


Is there a document listing some guidelines on how scanning by name shoudl be carried out? Perhaps a step by step guide? I just want to make sure that I´m following the procedures on scanning by name correctly as they should be followed rather than trying to troubleshoot without approprriate knowledge.


Can anyone with experience on scanning by name help?