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Gauging Interest Re: API web interface etc

Question asked by Brandon Reeves on Aug 7, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 19, 2013 by Sriharan Sriniwass

I would like to get some input re: interest in having an open web interface to Qualys outside of the qualys interface that heavily interacts with the API.


An interface where assets could be added(individually or via upload), modified, deleted etc as well as have general reporting capabilities. Additionally, the knowledge base could be shown and other fields could be attached to assets and groups to facilitate internal use of Qualys without granting everyone access to the Qualys platform.


I created something that can be seen here that we use internally that could be modified but before I go through the effort, I would like to ensure there is adequate interest and also understand how others may use it. Additionally, I have had some requests for its use and / or virtualization of the code and backend database so I want to see if there is interest there as well.



Any comments, questions, or general feedback is very welcome.