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Ticketing Remediation Settings and Creation.......aaargh?

Question asked by John Fleck on Aug 1, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 8, 2014 by urbanindy

Good Afternoon,


When we run our scans we want to create tickets for the vulns.  As I understand it, a ticket will be created for all vulnerabilities on each host scanned based on the policies associated with the asset.  We have a number of older systems that, for whatever reasons, cannot be patched and we also have some vulnerabilities that we accept the risk on.  Can I ignore these vulns so they do not create a ticket but still show up in the scan results?  Also, the same vuln we want to ignore on asset A we may want a ticket created for that vuln on asset B.  Is this possible?


Basically, we want all vulns to show up in the scan results but do not want a ticket created for thos vulns that we will live with.  I am having some difficulty wrapping my head around this whole remediation/ticketing features.  Is there more comprehensive documentation on this?