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Seattle Area Qualys Users Group

Question asked by randamw on Aug 7, 2010
Latest reply on Nov 4, 2010 by randamw

Anyone interested in starting a Qualys Users Group in Seattle, please contact your account rep and let them know. I've asked our rep (Trent Buttars) to help get something started, so you can tell your rep to contact Trent to get involved.


Just food for thought, and possibly to encourage folks to step forward, I am currently planning how to rework our vulnerability scanning, to take advantage of all the various data sources we have, (network configurations, device lists in configuration management database, logging and alerting, IDS, etc). I'm not the programmer, so we may bring in a consultant, if I cannot get time from our internal developers; I don't want to give the wrong impression.   My coworker in Information Security on the other hand, has written the Perl Module QualyGuard::Request, which is posted on CPAN, for you Perl geeks. He has implemented all the options in the API guide, as of the time of his last update.


Looking forward to hearing from other Seattle area Qualys users!

Michael Randall

P.S. Anyone else notice that the Tags field says use communities to separate tags, instead of commas?