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Confirm IP segments are being scanned

Question asked by mmacheret on Jun 25, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 28, 2013 by wkandek

Here is something that has me stumped:


1) I have an IP segment, it may or may not be assigned to an Asset Group.

2) I do an asset search and it comes back with no hosts found.

3) OK, here's where it get interesting:

     a) Either that IP segment has never been scanned, or

     b) it's been scanned and there have never been any hosts there (and that's where Asset Tagging doesn't help)

4) I need to know which one, (a) or (b), is true.

5) The sloooooow way to get my answer: I can go to Host Assets, look up that IP, call up the info click on the "Asset Groups" tab and see if that IP is assigned to an asset group.


That's fine if I only have a few IP segments but not at all workable with the hundreds of thousands of IPs I manage. Downloading a report from Host Assets doesn't give that info, either.


Why do I care? I don't want to scan "dark" LANs.


Is there quick way to get to #4?