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Patch Report issues, not required by WSUS but required by Qualys

Question asked by ben dudu on Jun 17, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 18, 2013 by Navin .

Hi All,


We use SCCM (WSUS) for patch management on Windows Servers and Qualys to scan vulnerabilities.


We have a mystery because some KB appears on "not required" status by WSUS by when Qualys is scanning servers, it's appears "missing" by Qualys.


Eg for 1 server :


MicrosoftWindows Kernel-Mode Drivers Remote Code Execution Vulnerability (MS12-078)

KB2753842--> not required

KB2779030--> not required


But missing for Qualys ...


Do you know why and have yo got a solution/workaround/idea to resolve this issue ?


Do you know how Qualys define when a Secutity Patch is required or not ?


PS : In the same time, we asked microsoft to resolve this issue too.


Thanks in advance.