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testing for IPV6 enabled machines

Question asked by ed sherratt on Jun 6, 2013
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I'm looking at auditing our estate for IPV6 enabled  hosts - there's bound to be some enabled by default even though it's not been rolled out purposefuly.


I've enabled IPv6 on a test machine and scanned it using the Complete Authenticated scan


The intent here is to make sure I get a detection for  when I do roll out the light touch single QID scan to the estate.


QID 45193 Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) Enabled on Target Host



The problem is for I get no informationals relating to IPV6 at all just the standard informationals

Operating System Detected    

DNS Host Name    

Host Scan Time    

Host Names Found    

Open TCP Services List    

NetBIOS Host Name


I've tried scanning using a seach list with QID 45193 only enabled and still no results.


What am I missing?


Any help appreciated.