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Question asked by mitrae on Jun 2, 2013

Hi !


when i run the test on  for a domain that redirects to a ZEUS LB that does SSL Offloading . and get a C Grade .

when im redirecting my domain to another LB Zeus that does the ssl offload , i get an A Grade .

the only difference is in the feild :


miscelenious details --- SSL Configuration --- PCI Compliant Fail


what does that mean ? what are you checking ? ( the only thing different is that i get ZEUS ver 7 vs ZEUS ver 8 ) all the configs are the same .


im asking his because on your doc SSL Scoring you say :


"We calculate the final score as a combination of the scores

in the individual categories, as described in the “Methodology Overview” section.


Table 2. Criteria categories

Category Score

Protocol support 30%

Key exchange 30%

Cipher strength 40%

The sections that follow explain the rating system for each of the categories."


and i did not see any difference there , nd still the scoring is C .


please Help