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QualysGuard Reporting with SCSM 2012

Question asked by Zachary Crawford on May 4, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 1, 2018 by Shristi Joshi

Hello All,

Recently I was looking at the integration options for the QualysGuard VM SaaS and I wanted to know if there was any traction on the ability to integrate reporting for QG with Microsoft System Center Service Manager 2012. Essentially we are trying to integrate the reporting features for the ticketing that we are doingwithin SCSM 2012 and hope that we can do the following:


1) Perform scans on system pools using QGVM and automate opening of tickets within SCSM 2012

2) Perform remediation either through SCSM or QGVM on systems and resolve tickets after scans

3) After validation, if scans detect that patches are missing that tickets would be reopened

4) After validation, if scan detects that patches are not missing that tickets would be marked to close


I did see that  Parag Baxi had some informaton about the integration done for Atlassian JIRA and that there are PowerShell scripts out there where we could close tickets within SCSM 2012, but we are looking at a strictly Microsoft/Qualys integration. I am somewhat familiar with the API features, but maybe if anyone has any ideas how to map this within SCSM effectively it would be appreciated.


Thank You,

Zach Crawford