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Understanding the "150004 Path-Based Vulnerability"

Question asked by Wilson Passos on Apr 23, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 28, 2013 by Wilson Passos

Hi everyone,



I have a simple and interesting question about QualysGuard scanner and how the "150004 Path-Based Vulnerabilities" are detected.


The scanner is configured to run a Selenium script. The script intially populates the login and password in the app's login page and the scanner has valid access to the app via a test account created specifically for the scanner.


In the generated report, I clearly see "150004 Path-Based Vulnerability" vulnerabilities in 6 different pages. The details for each of them shows me that the HTTP header contains a valid and encrypted HTTP Only cookie created by the app that identifies the scanner has logged into the application via the valid test account. That means the scanner is definitely able to access these pages normally and it shouldn't report to me the "150004 Path-Based Vulnerability".


However, if I open a browser session and call these same pages straight away with no authentication, I get back a 404 HTTP code. The pages are protected from invalid external access and I understand the app should never be affected by "150004 Path-Based Vulnerabilities", am I right? If that's correct, is there any way to avoid the "150004 Path-Based Vulnerabilities" under this scenario?


Thanks for any help/clarification!