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Dynamic Search List based on own Patch Alert List

Question asked by Viktor Hargitai on Apr 15, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 27, 2013 by mcalvi

Hi All,


We have in our company a process that is used to store, centralize, and publish all vulnerability reporting within Information Security & Risk Management. Alerts are received from multiple external sources suchas Secunia, TruSecure, Microsoft, and Symantec, and are then assessed and distributed by our “Security Watch” team to a known list of recipients. All alerts are stored in an internal repository and can be viewed online and downloaded in PDF format.


We would like to create a patch report in Qualys that lists only patches for the alerts stored in this internal repository. Is there some automated way to create a proper dynamic search list (maybe based on CVEnumber) which is automatically updated whit information from our repository. We do not want to maintain a static search list manually and update it each time according our internal list. Is there a way how our filter can be incorporated into Qualys?


Thanks for your support in advance.