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Logical operators

Question asked by Excl on Apr 9, 2013
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I could not find the way to add a second scan parameter in the same control, I'd like to reproduce this kind of test:


Oracle Enterprise Linux 5.x
The 'cron.allow' file is a list of users who are allowed to run the crontab utility, to submit jobs to be run at scheduled intervals, which are run with root-level privileges. As on most systems, only the root group [root] and user [root] would need the ability to schedule jobs, the access to/use of this capability should be restricted according to the business' need.

The following List String value(s) X indicate the current list of users defined within the /etc/cron.allow file. This list indicates which users, other than root, are permitted to schedule cron jobs on the host.

match any regular expression match

The following String value X indicates the current Ownership and Permissionsset for the /etc/cron.allow file.

regular expression match


Thank you