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Gather hardware information from windows clients and servers with Qualys

Question asked by Viktor Hargitai on Mar 14, 2013



In our organization we are currently comparing Qualys and IQSonar capabilities. We are aware that these are two different tools with different purposes (vulnerability management and discovery and inventory management), but we think Qualys could support us quite good with this issue. We are already using the Qualysguard scanning solution for Vulnerability and PatchManagement. As this is being globally deployed, IT Management has requested that the License Management team utilize this capability to return the software and eventually hardware information in our managed server estate. This way we are effectively hitting 2 targets using the same tool. We have good result back regarding installed software, but we would need more information what capabilities Qualys has in gathering hardware information and present it in an appropriate format/report. Examples what we are after would be: CPU Count, Core Count, Cores Per CPU, CPU Manufacturer, CPUModel, CPU Speed, RAM etc.


Thank you for your support in advance.