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Taking Action on Map Results

Question asked by hockeytown12 on Mar 12, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 26, 2013 by Parag Baxi

We needed to Map quite a few subnets in order to identify a couple thousand specific devices (out of many thousands of IPs) so we could extract those laptops, approve them, add them to the subscription and add them as a new asset group.


We created a temporary asset group, added all the possible subnets to this temp asset Group (knowing we would move them all to a new, future Asset group afterwards) then ran our Map.  The total possible IPs that we went through during this map turned out to be over 20,000.  Out of all those, when our map was complete, we had about 5,000 results come back via the Map results through either DNS or live discovery. 


When I view the map results ,out of all those 5,000 devices, I need to weed out the devices that I'm looking for.  I know that each one has a specific identifier in the DNS name and I know the OS "contains" a specific word.  


Unfortunately there are switches and misc networking devices that I want to ignore so there is quite a bit of noise to filter through here in the results. 


However, viewing the map results does not allow me to really sort or target just the hosts that I want to approve/add to the sub/add to a new asset group.  I then thought, well at least if I can add these devices to a new asset group, that's a start.  However the "Asset Search" function does not work as expected either.  I have tried doing an Asset Search on "All" assets or even just the temp asset group I created for this Map, trying to narrow down parts of the DNS name and even OS search...and my total number of assets returned is not anywhere close to what I see in the Map result.  So I am finding the process of really drilling down, filtering the noise and targeting just the devices that I'm looking for, is proving to be difficult.  I don't know if Asset Search is skewed or not because these hosts have not yet officially been added to the subscription or not. 


I am trying to get the hosts I need out of these Map results, without having to scroll and select or de-select individual check boxes in this list of 5,000 results.  Can you advise us on the best way to target a specific number of hosts when looking at a map result of a large number of them?