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Community Members: Introduce Yourself

Discussion created by Robert Dell'Immagine Employee on Feb 28, 2013
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Ok, I'll go first.


I'm Robert Dell'Immagine, and I manage Qualys Community (also, and I participate on social media as well).  I've been at Qualys for just over 3 years as I write this (February 2013), so I've seen the delivery of the new QualysGuard platform with more services at scale to more and more customers. Professionally, I like to work out how to connect technical folks with each other, since exchanging ideas with other experts is the most delightful way to learn and innovate. I also spend time getting technical content (including blogs and videos) published on Qualys Community, since that helps accelerate idea exchange.  On a personal note, I have an energetic third-grade daughter; I like anything outdoors, from gardening to skiing to birdwatching to camping; and I try to keep up on culture and the arts as much as I can (although my wife thinks I don't read enough).


I hope other community members, both existing ones and new ones, will reply to this thread to introduce yourselves, so that we can all start to know each other better.


- Robert