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Search lists for patch cycle reporting - Product list question.

Question asked by ed sherratt on Jan 17, 2013
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This is a follow on question from the blog and community post "How to report on vulnerabilities with a publish date older than X days".


Basically I want to produce a report on OS patching  - any OS patches on a server older than X days gets highlighted to our server maintenance guys.


Fair and easy it sounds, but if, for example, I'm reporting on patches issued by Sun or Oracle, I don't want to be reporting on databases and otther applications to people who's only responsibility is the Solaris OS.


The pulldown list for product only allows one item to be selected, so if I don't want to set up many search lists for each and every flavour of Solaris (Solaris_9_Sparc, Solaris_11_sparc etc) can I just select Solaris? would this include all of the sub versions?