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Windows 2008 w/SP2 problem with Qualys Scan

Question asked by Sarkis Chakarian on Jan 11, 2013
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We have a few servers that are Windows 2008 w/SP2 64 bit.  We hired HP Qualys team to scan our devices for OS vulnerabilities.  All systems were scanned ok except one of them. I would expect to see MS patches from December 2012 either needing to be installed or already installed, but from the scan reports and looking in the system, I do not see that. That leads me to believe that there is something wrong with the server itself or something is not allowing the scanner full access. I ensured that the account being used during the scan has admin permissions on the system so we should be able to take that off the table.  I also saw the following article:  Could it be that this is a problem within Win 2008 OS registry that is not right?


On another note all servers are running the same version of SEP without Intrusion prevention.  It is configured the same exact way in all servers and also, the windows Firewall is off.


Anyone encountered anything like this before?  Any help would be highly appreciated.  Thanks in advance!