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Our Top 10 Occurring Vulnerabilities

Question asked by Kevin Holleran on Dec 24, 2012
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I am new to Qualys and still trying to find my way around.  I come from a TSC background & am still thinking in the way I used to do things there...


My question is that I have some report templates that give me the vulnerability information that I want, but I want to wittle down the report a bit.  I do not want to hand my administrator a looooong list so what I want to do is only report on the top 10 occurring vulnerabilities.  I have a report that lists by vulnerability that I can sort in Excel using a pivot table, but what I would like is:


Vuln #1 - Count 300   

    - Asset #1

     - Asset #2

     - ....

    - Asset 300

Vuln #2 - Count 298

    - Asset #1


and so on to Vuln #10


Is this possible in a Qualys report or is it going to take some scripting?