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Scanning all systems, not just those online

Question asked by MtP on Dec 20, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 30, 2014 by djprakash

One of our customers has a requirement that 90% of all systems be scanned every 3 months.


Currently, I scan machines that happen to be online at the time of the scan.   There is no mechanism to catch up with the other scans.


I know a competitor of qualys integrates with Forescout (the NAC product I use) so when a system comes on line, it checks when the scan last occurs and runns a one off scan immediately if the last scan is more than x days old.  


Someone with time and programming skill could write a forescout plugin and integrate that in with the Qualys API (assuming the API can kick off a scan, and isn't read only).   But I dont have that skill myself.


Any thoughts on how to tackle this requirement?