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Is there a way to Qualys appliance Scan non Unix or Windows Boxes?

Question asked by edson conforto on Dec 17, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 17, 2012 by Bill_Olson

I’m in project to verify the possibility to have several device scanned by Qualys Appliance . So I would like to know from you if it’s possible scan the devices listed below and if the scan is possible what is the procedure to do it.




  • EMC NAS  Storage Array , this storage has a OS called DART, I don’t know this Operational system , but looks like this have a interface similar with Unix Devices
  • Netapp storage arrays , this storage has a OS called Data Ontap and it’s a customized version of the Berkley Unix.
  • I-Series devices
  • VIO devices


If the device is not compatible to be scanned by Qualys , could you tell if qualys has some plans to have these devices in the scan list ?