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Reboot Required

Question asked by AlbertRudolf on Dec 12, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 18, 2012 by AlbertRudolf

Dear Qualys staff members,


When creating an action plan for vulnerability mitigation, my operations team consider servers will have to be rebooted at least once. Sometimes, this delays the mitigation in weeks or even months, since being authorized to boot a server is, sometimes, very difficult.


To help users and companies getting protected, I suggest a small change on Qualys Knowledge base: an icon, similar to the "remote" or "authenticated" icons that appear beside each QID, could be created to tell users if the mitigation for a vulnerability "requieres a reboot", "may require a reboot" or "doesn't require a reboot".


I am sure a lot of environments would be safer with that informatio because some vulnerabilities would be mitigated much faster since their mitigation wouldn't have to surpass the reboot burocracy obstacle.


Kind regards!