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The list of IP's in my Subscription

Question asked by raj sharma on Nov 25, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 26, 2016 by djprakash

Hello All,


I am trying to troubleshoot on a problem wherein i am not able to add asset Ip's to the host assets.When i try to add an ip it says Ip cannot be added.


I figured out it could be one of the two probems.

Either i have exhausted the number of IP's i am allowed to scan as per my plan , which i dont think is the case. Or i do not have the assset IP's added in my Qualysguard subscription.


So my question here would be , how do i know which are the ip's that i have added to my subscription and if i ave not added these IP's how do i add them without going for a mapping of these assets.



Thank You,