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Problems with tags

Question asked by ph@mrk on Nov 20, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 26, 2012 by ph@mrk

Some things work strange about asset tags.

  • Only part of my existing asset groups have been used to create, or better, apply tags during a scan.
  • My search tags "scanned_during_last_28_days" and "not_scanned_during_last_28_days" never got applied anywhere, not even an equivalent tag with a shorter name. And I would badly need the first one.
  • Regarding the second tag: are negative assertions possible, like "exclude all assets from the report bearing the tag not_scanned_during_last_28_days".
    Extra questions: If an IP from an asset group is unreachable, would it become an asset anyway and receive the tag?


Please advice! I need a viable solution by the end of next week.