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Open TCP Services List | QID: 82023 | Red Service

Question asked by Flash® on Nov 7, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 5, 2012 by PSears

Hello Friends,


I need your help!


The Software Qualys reported some vulnerabilities that need to be corrected in a server being:


Title: Open TCP Services List


QID: 82023


Port IANA Assigned Ports / Services Description Service Redirected Port Detected On OS

22 ssh SSH Remote Login Protocol ssh

23 telnet telnet Telnet

MSRPC-135 DCE endpoint resolution EPMAP EPMAP DCERPC Endpoint Mapper

445 microsoft-ds Microsoft-DS microsoft-ds

513 login remote login a la telnet unknown

3389 ms-wbt-server MS WBT Server remote desk win


And to complement the information:


One or more of the Following services on the ports listed


must be stopped on server: rlogin on port 513/tcp


rsh on 514/tcpVNC port on port 5800/tcp


VNC on port 5801/tcp


VNC on port 5900/tcp


VNC port on 5901/tcpirc on port 6665/tcp


irc on port 6666/tcp


irc on port 6667/tcp


irc on port 6668/tcp


irc on port 6669/tcp


The problem is that I could not find a solution to this vulnerability, remembering that it's server is runing Windows Server 2003.


Thank you for a brief return, thanks!