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Quick way to test Authentication Record in Qualys

Discussion created by Tareq Yasiji on Sep 21, 2012
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Quick way to test Authentication Record in Qualys


The following steps show you how to create a profile in QUALYS VM to test and verify authentications ONLY without the need to perform a FULL SCAN. This profile includes only the ports and QIDs required for testing Qualys Authentication:


Please note that the following QID’s what required for testing Authentication. Please create a Search List and add those QID’s which we will use later in our Authentication Profile Option:


  • 70038 File and Print Services Access Denied


  • 90194 Windows Registry Pipe Access Level


  • 90195 Windows Registry Key Access Denied


  • 90399 Windows File Access Denied


  • 105015 Windows Authentication Failed


  • 105053 Unix Authentication Failed


  • 105177 Microsoft Windows Registry Critical Keys Security Policy


  • 105192 SNMP Authentication Failed


  • 105193 Oracle Authentication Failed


  • 105296 Windows Authentication Not Attempted


  • 105297 Unix Authentication Not Attempted


  • 105298 SNMP Authentication Not Attempted


  • 105299 Oracle Authentication Not Attempted


  • 105329 Oracle Listener Authentication Failed


  • 105330 Oracle Listener Authentication Not Attempted


  • 115263 Unix Authentication Timeout Occurred



Ports Required for Windows and SSH: