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Certificate detection finds "wrong" certificate.

Question asked by letharion on Jul 30, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 30, 2012 by letharion

After readin "Living with HTTPS"[1] I decided to switch my private site over to HTTPS only. I got a free certificate from StartCom[2], installed it, tweaked my vhost a bit, restart apache, and all seemed well at first.


Visiting the site normally, all attempts at reaching the site redirect to the https-version, and both Firefox and Chromium happily agree that the connection is secure. (Although Konqueror seems to refuse StartCom as trustworthy). When I check the


However, when I go to SSL Labs to test the domain, then I immediately get

"Common names localhost   MISMATCH"


localhost? Ok, after some digging, my apache setup has a default, self-signed certificate with the common name "localhost". However, I can't seem to figure out how SSL Labs "finds" it. No attempt from me connecting with a regular browser can produce this problem, which makes it very hard for me to diagnose and do something about it.


I read "Two common names results in mismatch?"[3]. I thought that my certificate had both and, but on closer inspection it seems like I only have, so I changed my vhost setup from responding to, to


However, this doesn't help with SSL Labs, although Firefox and Chromium happily accept the update.