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Duplicate IP addresses/Asset Groups and incorrect reporting

Question asked by adg0 on Jun 14, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 16, 2015 by Scott Lynd



Fully understand this is a strange question but given the scenario below is there any way to ensure that a report accurately identifies the correct assets and more importantly the correct vulnerabilities and missing patches?


Two datacentres with identical IP address ranges.

Datacentre (A) is fully patched.

The other datacentre (B) isn't patched at all.

One Asset Group containing the IP addresses (which are the same for both datacentres).

One scan run against the above asset group with scanner appliance (A) situated in datacentre A.

Another scan run against the same asset group but with a different scanner (B) situated in datacentre B.


When the report is run against the Asset Group the report appears to identify servers known to be patched as unpatched, etc.  Obviously the system is getting confused as all IP addresses are the same.




Is there any way to tie a report to a scanner appliance so the report can identify the correct hosts?  Or is it going to be a case of creating seperate asset groups and seperate IP addresses, etc?


Thanks in advance.