Damian OHara

Scanner Activity Graphic Script

Discussion created by Damian OHara on May 22, 2012

As a number of people have requested this I'm making my old shell script to create PNG graphics to show SA activity available here. I'm no programmer and Eric would likely code this in half the text but here it is anyway - open for improvements from anyone with the skills. I wrote it in a hurry for QSC2010 London.



xsltproc - parses XML to CSV

rrdtool - draws png graphics

curl - calls SOC via API


Format - gzipped tarball


Tested - Working on CentOS 5 and originally developed on SLES 10/11


Unpack after copying file to /tmp using:

cd /

tar xzvf /tmp/sa_activity.tgz


Edit /opt/qualys/setupvars to add API account credentials


cd /opt/qualys/Reporting/SA


Script is called sa_activity and is designed to run as root (yes - I know - but it's a virtual machine on my laptop)


Creates output png files in tmp subdir when script completes. One png for each online appliance.


Currently set for US01 SOC so if you want to use against EU01 then change two script lines from .com to .eu


Example graphic should be attached.