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Setting LAN interface without a default gateway

Question asked by AlbertRudolf on May 8, 2012
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I use VLANs and statc routes on our scanner appliances. When I run a scan, Qualys automatically change the LAN IP address according to the scan target. When the target is not contained in any range of my VLANs table, Qualys uses the default gateway and the static LAN IP to scan the targets. This is undesireble in our scenário and I'd like to prevent this. To do that, I am trying to set the LAN default gateway as Qualys accepts this configuration, however, when I check the interface configuration in a later time, the gateway is configured with the first valid IP in the same network the LAN port IP i configured. For example, if the Lan IP is, the gateway is automatically set to 192,168.70.1, even if I have manually set it to


I'd like to know if there is anyway for me to prevent Qualys from using a default gateway on the LAN port.


IMPORTANT: Our appliance work in a splt configuration, witch means they don't need a LSN gateway to connect to Qualys SOCs.


Thanks in advance!